A Sales Pitch That Builds Trust


There are numerous sales executives wandering the planet who are putting their heart and soul to get their sales registers ringing round the clock. And if you are working in a multinational corporation, you will probably have to convince a prospective customer to buy your product/service who’s not even from your homeland.

Your anxiety increases, because you don’t know the culture and basic mindset of the person you are talking to. But you wish that they hear you throughout. In the era of globalization, when markets have broadened and sales pitches are mundane, it is imperative that you do the same things differently to keep your business sailing along the tides by not actually facing them upfront to get drowned.

Ari Galper, the world’s renowned Sales Guru who has been featured in several outstanding sales and business books has now come up with his spectacular and thought-provoking program “Unlock The Game”. This is his endeavor to bring to the world (anyone who needs to sell anything to a prospective customer) a mind-blowing account of new sales mindset that puts the present day ideology of selling to rest. He comes up with unique, modern and more effective ways to interact with the customers and improve the conversion rates for any business.

The sales personnel across the globe are in a constant lookout for such words of wisdom from the masters who have dominated the sales arena in modern times. The ‘sales techniques in telemarketing’ is also a widely searched topic on the web with businessmen seeking solutions to the problem of infusing trust in their prospective customers, so that the latter should buy from the former.

3 Must Haves When Talking to the Potential Customer

1. Focus on the Customer – The biggest mistake any sales person or company can make is to be so much ‘WE’ centric. Incessant hue and cry about yourself being so good and better that it does no good to impress the person listening to you. You need to shift the core paradigm from ‘WE’ to ‘YOU’ and from ‘YES’ to the ‘TRUTH’. Confirm from your client what he actually needs and whether your services will actually be able to help him. Going this hard way but the right way, you will hardly face any rejections.

2. Learn from Past Experiences – Each and every sales call you make in your life are all equally important. You learn from every single call. Take some quality time out to introspect over each call and find out the areas where you are lacking. You will definitely encounter some or the other moments of awkwardness while speaking to the customer. Work on these finer points and go even stronger with next sales call you will make.

3. Conversation is the key – Fixed sales pitch is a migraine that probably any sales executive’s mind is loaded with during their training period. They are all taught to mug up their sales script and ‘vomit’ it out in front of the customers. There’s no doubt why the businesses shut down worldwide. Instead, the key to the lock is a comfortable and healthy dialogue with the client, so he doesn’t get the feeling that he’s being pushed, forced to hear you or buy your service. Talk guys, don’t just speak.

So, it’s important to leave behind the traditional selling techniques and carve out some new, fresh ones which focus on the buyer, and not the seller. Do you remember that universal truth – ‘Customer is the King’?

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